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Award-winning XR development studio developing captivating, immersive and mind-blowing experiences using virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality.

Virtual reality as a concept first appeared in a 1930s science fiction story. It used a pair of goggles that allowed the wearer to experience a fantasy world through three-dimensional images created with photographic projection, touch, smell and taste. Little did the author of the story, Stanley G. Weinbaum, know that in the 21st century, we would come pretty close to what he envisioned.

Photo: Unsplash

Now that we have found the precursor, when was the moment that modern VR, as we know it today, came to life?

2011 — The first prototype

In 2011, a young enthusiast, Palmer Luckey, created the prototype for the Oculus Rift…

Emerging technologies fight to survive the hype cycle; it is not until they make it past the disillusionment phase and reach the plateau of productivity that industries start to accept new technologies and adopt them into their workflows, services and products.

Although AR is a fairly new technology, there are some indications showing it is going to be one of the leading technologies of the future.

As a seemingly new technology, augmented reality (AR) is no different, and we suggest that it is currently positioned somewhere between the slope of enlightenment and the plateau of productivity. …

Delta Reality headquarters are a crossroad where puzzle pieces come together to fulfil every single desire of our clients. That means you get about 26 people and six dogs working (and barking) tirelessly on complex projects in order to achieve perfection. None of that would be possible without Matko, our QA tester, who has been with us for over four years.

Matko is a QA tester in Delta Reality.

His journey started back in his student days when he joined us as a part-time event support member. This is the story of how Matko and the company evolved together.

From a childhood playtime to a profession

Matko’s journey was influenced by his father who worked…

Leading successful projects requires the intertwining of a lot of different skills. Meeting deadlines, and coordinating people and tasks, while still keeping in mind the desires of the client is the job of a project manager. One of ours moved from being a 3D Unity engineer to a project manager. His name is Dino. We asked him to tell us more about the switch, what he likes the most about his job and how he manages to keep everything and everyone working in harmony. Here’s his story.

Photo by: Josip Ninković

3D Unity and programming

Dino joined us three years ago as a Junior 3D Unity Engineer, but…

Meet Mladen, a senior 3D artist who joined us as a student five years ago. Although he had no real work experience, there was and still is just something great about him.

3D artist Mladen working on creatve virtual reality applications.
Mladen has created his first video game at the age of 10.

When you ask his colleagues to describe Mladen, they usually say he was the perfect choice for the company from day one. He has a strong vision, which he knows how to realise. He loves what he does, and he is everything you could possibly want to find in an artist. Some say he is the most fun person to work with. His sense of humour is just…

Virtual reality is so versatile that it is not surprising that it can find use in any industry. VR lets us turn into real objects that can only be imagined or are difficult to reach. It can even make the invisible visible. For example, it has played its part in healthcare and fighting COVID-19.

Photo by Bermix Studio on Unsplash

The outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic started in late 2019. Slowly but surely, the whole world started shutting down. Schools, workplaces, cultural organizations, stores, and all the other institutions locked their doors waiting for better times. But there was and still is a solution right in front of us…

Since 2016. Delta Reality had the honor of working with strong brands such as Disney, Microsoft, Siemens, Vaillant, Linde & many more. Our work has helped all of these companies in their own growth as the industry continues to evolve in VR & AR field.

During the years we’ve won plenty of awards and we’ve been recognized and featured in well known tech portals, television channels and shows. Now we add another important trophy to our collection, the Clutch Top Development Company Award for the Year 2021.

Clutch is an online reviews and ratings platform that specializes in the B2B…

To a part of our population, any form of working out is a natural thing. Humans strive to stay healthy, fit and just generally feel good about themselves. The feeling you get after you’re done running for instance, it’s like your own body is rewarding you for taking good care of it, and some people are hooked on it. On the other side there are those who just need a bit more nudging to move. This is where virtual reality comes in handy.

Some time back, the team behind A1 Telecom reached out to us with an unusual inquiry —…

Finally, we got our hands on the long awaited Oculus Quest 2, as well as the HP Reverb G2. We always strive to try out as many VR and AR technologies as possible to keep up with the market demand and to maintain the highest quality of our products. But what’s also important is — we love it!

HP Reverb G2 — the 4K headset

When we watched the “Minority report” a few years ago, everyone was appalled by the tech that could tell you whether there will be an error in human behavior sometime in the future.

While we were thinking about the ramifications of this kind of technology, XR showed us that the “Minority report” scenario is here, is called industrial XR, and is helping us increase the industrial outputs. When you think about it — XR is here to make necessary changes to human behavior before errors happen.

Coupled with data from the internet of things (IoT), the extended reality is changing…

Delta Reality

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